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Ozone Clean Pro Agricultural Water Treatment Systems


Ozone water is the best thing that you can give to plants.


Ozone Water treatment of agricultural water will promote healthy, rapid growing and highly abundant crops that require less water, less fertilizer and less fungicide.

OCP uses a proprietary direct injection system to diffuse very small ozone bubbles into any size pipe. OCP Agricultural Water Treatment systems alter well and pond water to be extremely beneficial to plants.


Ozone performs 2 functions in agricultural water treatment.


  1. Ozone is an organic disinfectant and oxidizer. Ozone destroys bacteria, mold and fungus and turns them into plant food. Ozone will oxidize bacteria, fungus, organics, salts and minerals in the water. Oxidation turns these compounds into nutrients that plants can thrive on. Nitrogen is oxidized into nitrates and nitrites. Plants process nitrates and nitrites easily to promote rapid growth and bountiful crops. Plants must use energy to break down nutrients like nitrogen into nitrates and nitrites. When ozone water's energy is used to oxidize nutrients, the energy that is saved by the plant is transferred to growing and producing crops.

  2. Ozone is active oxygen. Water infused with ozone delivers a very high level of dissolved oxygen to the plants. A high dissolved oxygen level is the single most important factor in healthy, pH balanced water for plants. Ozone infused water is wetter water. It is absorbed by the soil at a much faster rate than untreated water. It delivers oxygen to the root system of plants. This high dissolved oxygen level promotes healthy plants, large root systems, rapid growth and abundant crops.


Kurt Becker wrote an article “Understanding Dissolved Oxygen”. Several of the main points of the article are as follows;


  • “The measurement of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is also proving to be just as critical to plant growth. As with the other two measurements, there are minimum levels required for a healthy plant. Also, by optimizing DO, as with pH and EC, we can see great improvements in plant growth and quality. However, far fewer growers are utilizing, or are even aware, of this measurement.”


  • “The Benefits of oxygen to plant roots, and to the rhizosphere in general, is well established in the mind of the grower. However, most are unaware of the level of oxygen contained in their irrigation water and don’t realize that there are methods to improve this level.”


  • “Dissolved oxygen is simply the amount of oxygen (O2) dissolved in water. It’s one of the best indicators of the quality, and the life-supporting ability, of water.”


  • “The maximum amount of DO that the Water can hold is called the saturation value. It’s possible, and very often desired—especially in a greenhouse—to exceed the natural saturation point of DO in water. This is called Super-saturation.”


  • “High levels of DO promote healthy root growth. The root system requires oxygen for aerobic respiration, an essential process that releases the energy required for healthy root growth and a healthy plant.”


  • “Research shows that higher DO levels in the root zone of most crops results in a higher root mass. A plant with more root mass grows healthier and faster.”


  • “While adding dissolved oxygen, ozone has an additional benefit in that it oxidizes organic material and biofilm in the pipes, reducing the oxygen demand and helping to maintain higher levels of DO.”









Ozone Clean Pro Agricultural Systems

Aqueous ozone is the best thing that you can give to a plant. 

Ozone Clean Pro is a leader in Ozone Technology.  Our patented ozone direct injection systems have reduced the price and complexity of ozone farm and hydroponic systems.  OCP Farm and Hydroponic systems will grow healthier, more abundant crops using:

· Less water

· Less fertilizer

· Less fungicide


This is made possible because ozone injected into farm and hydroponic water systems will increase the dissolved oxygen content of the water to over 300% of saturation.  Dissolved oxygen (DO) is the number 1 indicator of healthy water for plants. 

· Ozone water is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  Ozone water has been proven to oxidize bacteria, mold and fungus on contact.  Bacteria, mold and fungus, the most destructive pathogens of plants, are eliminated by ozone water.

· Ozone oxidizes chemicals and contaminants in water. Ozone turns chemicals and organics in water into plant food.  Ozone oxidizes nitrogen into nitrates and nitrites that are readily absorbed by plants as nutrition. 

· Ozone water is pH balanced.  Ozone oxidizes organics in the water and returns the water to a Ph of 7.2 – 7.6, which is perfect for maximum plant growth.

· Ozone water provides a high level of dissolved oxygen to the root system.  Roots require oxygen to be healthy and grow rapidly.  The high DO level of ozonated water provides the root system with large amounts of oxygen that is needed for healthy, rapid growth.

· Ozone water is wetter water.  O3 is 13 times more soluble than O2 in water.  Water that has high DO levels is absorbed into the soil far more rapidly than untreated water.  Ozone water breaks thru bound up soil because ozone reduces the hydrostatic tension of the water. 

· Ozone water destroys biofilm in pipes.  Biofilm absorbs oxygen out of the water lowering the DO levels as water travels through the pipes.  Ozone has been proven to destroy Biofilm.  Pipes free of biofilm deliver more DO to the plants.

The net effect of ozone water installed on your farm irrigation system or hydroponic system is:

· Healthier plants

· Faster growing plants

· Higher crop yields

· Larger root mass


Call today to understand how Ozone Clean Pro can improve your crops.



Well systems.




OCP Well Systems oxidize organics, salts and minerals in the water. OCP begins by “bubbling” ozone into water tanks. The ozone oxidizes organics, minerals and salts in the water. This water now contains a high level of dissolved oxygen and nutrients that the plants can readily use to promote healthy and rapid growth. Ozone can be reintroduced as the water is pumped out of the tank into the field to build an extremely high dissolved oxygen level in the water. This 2 step process will deliver healthy, pH balanced water that is void of bacteria, mold, salts and high in oxygen and usable plant nutrients like nitrates and nitrites.



Irrigation Systems.


OCP uses a proprietary direct ozone injection system to inject ozone into your pivot line. All the water entering the pivot system will be free of bacteria, mold and fungus and infused with a high level of dissolved oxygen. This high level of dissolved oxygen will pH balance the water and oxidize organics in the water. This is the best water that can be given to plants. Organics in the water will be oxidized by the ozone and turned into readily usable plant food. Most growers will see a 20-30% increase in their growth and yield.


Hydroponic Systems.



Ozone eliminates bacteria, algae and fungus that are big problems for hydroponic growers. Ozone is known to be antibacterial and anti-fungal. Ozone has been proven to oxidize bacteria, mold and fungus on contact. OCP Hydroponic Systems promote rapid, healthy plant growth and eliminate problems caused by bacteria, mold and fungus.






Greenhouse Systems.


OCP Greenhouse Systems eliminate bacteria, mold and fungus that tend to grow in greenhouses. Lack of pathogens that slow plant growth promotes healthier, more abundant crops that are void of bacteria, mold and fungus. Greenhouses can have bacterial and fungal issues because they offer a warm moist environment that is not only conducive to plant growth but conducive to mold, bacteria and fungus. Ozone water eliminates these issues. Ozone water is the worlds safest, most powerful disinfectant. The addition of an Ozone Clean Pro ozone water treatment system will produce healthy, rapid growing and bountiful plants. Most growers will see a 20-30% increase in greenhouse crop production.


Processing Systems.


Produce and meat processing benefit dramatically from ozone disinfection. Ozone's antibacterial properties result in a higher quality product and reduce shrinkage due to elimination of bacteria and fungus. OCP Ozone Disinfection Systems can safely and organically disinfect processing facilities, processing machines, animal carcasses, fish and produce. A combination of air and water ozone systems can achieve total disinfection of processing facilities. OCP disinfection systems are approved and encouraged by the FDA. Ozone water is used to disinfect all surfaces. Ozone gas systems operate at night, when the facility is closed, to disinfect all interior surfaces of the facility. Ozone also disinfects the air inside the facility. The ozone leaves the fresh scent of a thunderstorm. Ozone removes the odor from processing. OCP water treatment systems are insurance against a recall.


Dairy Processing

Dairy processing benefits greatly from ozone water. Cows will be healthier if they drink ozone water. Ozone water will disinfect animals and equipment before milking. Ozone disinfection will reduce spoilage and improve quality of milk products.