Shock Treatments

Ozone shock treatments is a process whereby an area is subjected to a high level concentration of ozone for an extended time designed to kill all the germs, bacteria, viruses (bugs) that cause us people and our pets so much trouble! This extended treatment of high levels of ozone sanitizes hard non-porous surfaces. Since ozone is a gas and goes where ever air can reach, ozone can sanitize (kill all those 'bugs') in many fabrics and carpets too. Killing bacteria (the source of many 'bad' odors) is how ozone makes spaces smell clean and fresh. Ozone shock treatments DO NOT CLEAN an area or surfaces; Just like spraying Lysol in a room does not clean the room.

Ozone does sanitize an area or surface and does so without leaving ANY chemical residue! Ozone in action is 3000 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. 

Use of ozone in a shock treatment manner is not to be done by the untrained. People and pets must be removed during a shock treatment process. This is why a trained professional must perform this service for you. For more information about what ozone can do for you - please visit and read our other pages. 

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